A Good Day

There are days when things just go right.  For me, yesterday was one of those days.

  • Editing.  I’ve been doing some work to get Mind & Machine in better shape.  It’s becoming a more focused story that centers more on conspiracy and vendetta.  By the time I get to the end again, I suspect it will feel a lot more epic than I really wanted it to be.  I guess it’s a case of “go big or go home.”
  • New Writing.  I wrote a flash fiction piece.  Maybe I should just call it a short story since it’s just under five hundred words long.  It might end up being part of the second Golden Hollow novel when it’s all said and done.  Either way, it reads well all by itself.
  • Drawing.  It’s rare that I draw something that works instantly with another project.  The drawing I put together yesterday became the last part of the story I wrote.  What makes that more interesting to me is that I’ve been wanting to draw this picture for a week, but the story only came to me yesterday.
  • Submissions.  Every writer has to submit material or they will have no audience.  One of the best places for new science fiction/fantasy writers to submit to is the Writers of the Future contest.  It’s quarterly, I’m still eligible, and I have a wonderful short story that takes place in The Night Lands.

I’m usually ecstatic if things go half that well in a single day.  All those things I just listed were things I got done within a few hours of each other.  Just shows there really is a such thing as progress.


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