My Love Letter To Shallan

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s writing.  I started following his work with Elantris and Mistborn, carrying on to the present.  His latest novel, Words of Radiance, is the second book of The Stormlight Archive.  The main female character of this series is Shallan Davar, a scholar filled with secrets, talent, and wonder.  She’s become my favorite character from any novel.

As such, I would like to share my appreciation of Shallan with the following, a love letter.

Brightness Davar,

For over three years, I have been witness to your activities and have slowly been enchanted.

At first, I was charmed by your wide-eyed curiosity, punctuated by your red hair and fair skin.  Then I saw your skill with artistic endeavors and realized you are more than a simple beauty.  You and I have kindred passions.

I know that your mind is the mind of a scholar, wondering always on where things fit in the natural world.  I know your wit is something that makes you who you are, even if others might think it is an unladylike habit.  Your shyness about potentially trivial matters simply adds to your charm.

Brightness, I know you seek the truth, no matter how many lies you must tell to find it.  I know you have secrets that you are hesitant to share with others.  Some may think of you as a deceiver, some may think you are playing too far out of your social station, but I can see the truth.  You want to make things better.

You care, Shallan.  Life before death.

No matter how sweet, how mysterious, of how quirky you might be, you care.  For that, you have my entire admiration and affection.



For those reading online and not in Roshar, I’ve done what I can to keep things spoiler free.  I just want to reiterate that Shallan Davar is a great character.  I find it hard to believe that a man has written this character, because she’s just a fascinating young woman.


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