You’re Never Really Done

There’s an old saying about writing, that nothing is ever finished, just abandoned.

On July 6, 2012, I posted Vitamin F for sale on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  It’s been an exciting experience just having an e-book available.  I’ve even managed to get a number of sales without doing much on promotion.

I had another reason for holding back on promotion.

I had a bit of a mess when I first released Vitamin F.  Unlike the best level of e-book authors, I had no outside editor.  There were friends who read over the text and gave me their notes, but I didn’t have the professional touch.

A few people made note of this.  One friend told me just how many typos and missing words I had in the published text.  I won’t go into the details aside from saying there were plenty of problems.

Those problems have now been fixed.  Once more, I am on the verge of abandoning Vitamin F to be devoured by the world.  Getting to a much more complete point, I can see better ways of writing for the digital age.

For now, I’m going to say a few words on occasion about this bit of dystopia.  If I say enough, someone new might decide to read it.

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