Writer’s Restraint – A Tweet Blog

Last week, I tried out blogging by tweet, so here I go again!  This time, I talked about Writer’s Restraint starting at 5 PM CST on June 30, 2014.

is the idea that a writer should censor themselves to become more marketable.  makes sense. Why make people mad for no reason?  Don’t badmouth someone’s beliefs or work. Reasonable. Don’t insult what people read or watch. No need to alienate fans or peers.

I don’t care for the notion that I should say nothing when something bothers me. Isn’t the purpose of writing to create “Words that stay?” My writing is supposed to reveal how I feel about the world. Subtext, plot, character, setting, these are all meant to say how I feel.

Want to find a picture of the main character of that Neil Gaiman book you’re reading? Look on the back cover. Need evidence of Stephen King’s feelings on his days of drinking and drugs? Read Roland’s reactions to meeting his writer in Dark Tower 6. Look at any writer’s body of work. You will learn who they are, if only in a sense of spirituality and politics.

If a writer is going to reveal their faith and party through writing, then why all this effort to use to remain silent?

John Scalzi has served as President of SFWA, yet he does not silence his beliefs. He still managed to win major awards and sell books. With Scalzi in mind, I think the proper way to use is to treat all ideas with respect, at least in public view.

VITAMIN F is dripping with notions of acceptance regardless of faith or sexual orientation or gender. My stories deal with honesty when the world prefers silence, rationality when it’s inconvenient.

I have friends who are Democrat, Libertarian, Republican. I have friends who see homosexuality as a sin and friends who are gay. I have friends who love the Cardinals, friends who love the Braves. I have a friend who loves the Dodgers and another who loves the Cubs. I have friends who are Agnostic, Catholic, Pagan, Athiest. I know people who worship God, Jesus, Superman, and Tinkerbell.

When I rant with madness, I do so in private company. This is the honest extent of .

One friend said to the other, “Remember, we’re among the enemy.” Instead of being offended, I said I wanted to hear what he thought.

A proper use of would be to treat others with respect, to take in different ideas as a way to understand points of view. I don’t mind having friendly discourse and debate. I just won’t engage if it’ll cost me something important.

should be an idea that everyone should be treated like a friend–and you wouldn’t alienate a friend, right?

I will treat everyone with respect. Just don’t expect me to look the other way when I don’t agree or I see something that’s disrespectful.


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