I’ve had a world of crushing stress fall on me over the years, it’s what makes the writing good.

I have a muse, but she’s been fickle.  It’s been over a decade since I’ve had a date.  I live in an area that doesn’t nurture my writing and considers me a failure because I’m not married with kids.  I won’t have an in-person opportunity to approach editors or agents for more than a year.  I rarely make time to edit my novels.

That’s a lot of suck.  And as much as it hurts, as awful as I feel at times, I’m still not giving up.

I’ve given way too much of myself to my creativity at this point.  Giving up would be a greater failure to me than aging.

I’m capable and determined, so I know I can do it.  I’ve been published before–and I will be again!

It’s easy to look down at how things are going.  Feeling downbeat happens to everyone, even the happiest people.  For anyone doing creative work, you just have to step away from the problems, take a breath, and keep going.

Stress makes everyone want to quit when things get thick enough.  The secret is to keep going anyway.  Victory waits ahead, you only have to go a few steps further.

What stresses are hitting you?  Sharing helps.