Planning Conventions

At a few of the conventions I have attended, regardless of size, there have been writers on hand, selling their works.  This hasn’t just been small-press or wholly independent authors, but seasoned veterans as well.

Every table has a different approach, from aesthetic to display.

Seeing a variety of these displays has made me realize I need to keep my own potential table setup in mind, if only for planning purposes.

Right now, I have in mind a few things to assemble to get it all right.  Here’s my shopping list:

  • Art Banner. I need an image I can hang either behind me or on the front of the table.  This should be something that speaks to the kind of work I do, not just as art, but the stories I tell as well.
  • Prints.  This should start at the image I use as a banner, but can also include any book covers, character portraits, even pop art (I have a few pieces in mind).
  • Books.  I’m a writer.  It would be silly for me to not have my books on sale.
  • Me.  This sounds silly, but, if I’m not there, how will I convince people to like me enough to try out more of my stuff?  If they already like me, having me on hand to sign books or prints, or even pose for a picture, helps my credibility with those who come by.

Anyone else have any convention plans, even if they don’t have any conventions scheduled?


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