Caught In A Vise

Last week, I had to work six days straight. My day job usually comes in 12-hour shifts, so that’s a lot of time at work. This week, I’m doing five days in a row.

Between going to and from work, sleep, eating, there’s not much time for writing. I have to steal every ounce I can get.

Is it enough?

As a writer, I know that getting my stories written down, or even sharpening them through editing, is the cornerstone of happiness. What can I do when that time decreases or fades entirely?

This is the core question that separates the writer from the would-be writer. Because of that, I know I have to write. Sure, I have to pay the bills, but ultimately, the writer in me has to win.

If it’s for only a few minutes a day, if it’s just to clean up a single scene, the writer inside has to win. That’s my commitment to my craft. What’s yours? Any habits or goals you try to keep?


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