There is often a purpose behind an artist’s work, no matter what the medium might be.  Paint, music, even the arrangement of words can all carry theme, meaning, and substance.

I asked myself a while back what I was after.  The answer pleased me–and set a challenge.

I’ve come up with odd things for my stories.  Telekinetic natural disasters.  Mirrors that teleport things across the cosmos.  Inverted worlds where the sun is always overhead.  I don’t play by the rules of plot and setting at all.

I’ve thought back numerous times to the impact and influence of Star Trek.  They gave us cell phones, bluetooth, touch screens, and plenty more I can’t think of.  No one told the writers those things had to hold with some specific principle of science, They went out and told a story, pulling in imaginative science fiction ideas when it suited them.

A vast wave of writers don’t play with possibility anymore.  They submit to probability.  When it comes to technology, people don’t imagine like they used to.

I want that back.  I want people to imagine again.  Now I’m going to write something that might make that happen.