To Seek A Patron?

In the Renaissance, art and culture were funded by those with wealth acting as patrons for the artisans.  In many ways, this was the ultimate form of “know your audience,” since the artist had to please one person, though anyone could enjoy what was created.  Those who had the funds could keep the artisans creating instead of dividing efforts between art and other work.

I wish there was something like that now, something that could fund my writing.

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I’ve been thinking about Patreon.  It takes the idea of having a patron and fuses it with the modern idea of crowd funding.  Some people apply this to a single project, though others put funds raised toward their overall work.  Many make fifteen dollars a month, though a lucky few can make thousands in the same span of time.

I have a few things I could do with Patreon, if I decided to join.

  • The Night Lands.  This pet project of mine almost seems made for Patreon.  Small pieces telling stories of various figures in a single world.  Pyromancers, dance mages, clergy for death religions, dragons, colossi…  Lots of possibilities, even for extra bits just for patrons.
  • The Golden Hollow.  A much more defined setting for me.  The problem here is that I have novel-length works in mind, and very few short pieces.
  • Harrison and Bianca.  The stars of my steampunk stories could draw some interest.  How many steampunk settings feature an American Revolution that ended with the Thirteen Colonies being fried by an atomic bomb?
  • All of the above.  I know how I work.  I can’t stick with just one thing at a time.  My mind is all over the place, even when I focus on just a few things.  Some people ask patrons to support their body of work; am I that bold?

Those are a few ideas I’ve had.  What do you think?  Should I try out Patreon?  If so, what should I pursue on there?


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