Years ago, my sister mentioned that she read to escape from the world.  Her point was that if she wanted to see reality, all she needed to do was look outside or turn on the news.  Like me, April tends to read fiction, though I favor science fiction and fantasy more than she does.

Many people still read true crime and history, philosophy and discussions of science or politics.  I don’t think those people are reading for different reasons than me or my sister, they’re just interested in different subjects.

A number of people have described reading as a pursuit of knowledge, possibly even the key to knowledge.  What was once a practice for the elite has become the drive of information and entertainment for the masses.  Regardless of the reasons, escape or knowledge, reading has to offer something greater.

Exploration.  We want to find something, a truth about the past, a note about the depths of human fear, a way to stimulate the mind.  Whatever we seek, there is still something basic and unsaid everyone is looking for.  Every person who picks up a book wants to seek out that mystery, regardless of the outcome.


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