Talking with two of my writer friends, I started wondering if I needed to change the name of the main character in my future noir novel, Blanc Noir.  I’ve been using one name for a while, but another was suggested to me.  For fun, I thought I’d share the dilemma with you.

A few notes before we get started.

  • The story takes place in a future noir version of Paris.
  • The main character is a Licensed Investigator and is a veteran of the Saharan Wars.
  • She was born in France and is French by birth.
  • She has dirty blond hair and is above average height
  • Her last name is Dark.

My question is the title of this post: Jeanne or Margot?

With Jeanne Dark, we get a name that has a few snags, one historical, one from a video game.  If you don’t know, I won’t tell you, simply because I don’t want to break the illusion.

With Margot Dark, we have a name that’s short for Marguerite Dark.  It has it’s own snag of being similar to an author’s name. Again, if you don’t know, I don’t want to break that illusion either.

References aside, which name sounds better?  I’m curious to hear what you think.