I’ve taken part in the November ritual of fast writing in the past, crafting four novel drafts.  As much as I love the rush of building a story and its narrative in the span of a month, this year, I won’t be able to take part.

This isn’t me dodging my writing or feeling like I don’t have time.  There are other things I need to pursue.

Here’s a convenient list!

  1. Editing.  I need to get two of those novels I mentioned up to speed so I can tell editors and agents about them.
  2. Query letters.  I need to get more of these out there.  Won’t get published without making those contacts.
  3. Writing.  Can’t give up on making new strings of words.  After all, that’s the dream.

Maybe next year for me.  How about all of you?  Anyone planning on doing NaNo this year?