About My Absence

I just posted the following on reddit and thought it summed up why I haven’t posted here recently.  I would say “Enjoy,” buy I don’t enjoy being so drained.

I have plenty of things I could write about. Short stories I could work on, novels to edit, notes to make on worldbuilding and characters. I have a blog that’s been neglected for a week and a half.

I haven’t done any creative writing in four days. I didn’t get a lot done then.

Some of why I haven’t written is that I work long shifts. Ten hours on overtime days, twelve hours otherwise. Today is the third day of six in a row.

When I get home, I wash up, eat, then fall asleep. Falling asleep might come as a ten minute nap, but it lasts for an extra hour past that.

I’d be happy to write even a hundred words a day, if only because progress is progress. Right now, I’ve been so depleted, I’m not sure what to do.

I’ll find my motivation again.  I’m not sure how, but it will come.  I have enough thoughts circling in my head that something is going to demand my attention.  When that happens, things will get better for me.

Keep trying.

2 thoughts on “About My Absence

  1. Hi Len,

    It’s been the same for me in the last few months. I get home, cook, put the kids to sleep and then my mind just goes pfffft.

    A little tv, and then a few pages read before falling asleep. Very little written.

    But I’m sure it comes in phases. I’ve had months where I got a steady 500 words daily, and I hope those days are on their way back.

    1. Hopefully you’ll find your way back to steady writing, Johann. I know I’ve managed to get in a little writing in the past few days, even if it’s just planning a new short piece.

      Progress is progress.

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