Good News, Bad News

Every writer who tries to climb the path of traditional publishing has to reach out to others.  In my case, this comes in the query letters I send several times a week.  We hope something will come from this effort, even though most of the time there is only rejection.

Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to hear back from an agent.  She asked me to send her a few pages of Mind & Machine.  While I’ve sent pages for it out before, I’ve never had an agent look at a query and request more material from me.  That’s my good news and it’s quite good.

I proceeded to call my family and friends, just to share my joy with them.  For two days, I was absolutely happy because of it.

I did make a point to remind myself that this agent might still pass on my story.  Which is exactly what happened.

The exchange was polite enough where I sent a thank you note back.  Still, I’m without an agent and have yet another rejection to go with this novel.

As discouraging as it is, I have to keep with it.  Otherwise, I’m not going to get my work in print to the extent that I want.

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