At conventions, I’ve heard Kevin J. Anderson tell how he built up with credibility as a writer/editor.  When offered a project, he would always respond by saying, “I can do that.”

There’s no refusal in this method.  It doesn’t matter how busy Anderson might be, his response is always the same.  Why?  He doesn’t have a guarantee that he’ll be asked again, nor does he have a guarantee of another offer coming in the near future.

So, my request for pages didn’t lead to me having an agent.  It hasn’t stopped me from sending out new queries in the search for representation.

My day job eats tons of my time.  That hasn’t kept me from drawing on my days off, especially when it comes to building a collection of images available to purchase as prints.

I’ve seen these challenges coming at me and managed to say to them, “I can do that.”  The timing is a mystery to me, but if I don’t get started, how will I ever learn what I need to do?

I may have become repetitive about it as of late, but keep trying.  I’m going to keep trying, so there’s no reason for you to stop either.  Keep going, keep trying.  It’s worth it.