Seeing The Modern Dystopia

One of my best frends got engaged the other day.  While this should simply be a

joyous note, his impending marriage is illegal in twenty states, including the one

he currently lives in.  This represents an inherent lack of acceptance and adaptation,

especially from those who claim to follow the hippie liberal progressive we call Jesus.


Such discrimination led to me asking myself what would happen if the LGBT

community decided they’d had enough and decided to fight back.  It made me

wonder how I would feel if my ability to date someone or get married were impaired by

some obligatory decree made by a government that made no attempt to understand



I was raised to follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do

unto you.  Treat people the way you would want to be treated, how simple is that?  Yet

millions of people who claim they worship Jesus would rather persecute and deny.

They would build walls where God has knocked walls down.


The Holiday Season is meant to be a season of giving and love.  Kwanzaa espouses

virtues, Hanukkah cherishes over a week of giving.


Change has come on the front of gay marriage, though the struggle is nowhere near

complete.  The FDA currently bans gay men from donating blood for no other reason

than their active sexual preference.  Spousal rights for patients and insurance

beneficiaries are a nightmare for homosexuals.  Many would claim being gay is a

choice, but why would my friend choose persecution?  Why would anyone?


This is the mindset that led me to write Vitamin F.  It is currently available as an

ebook on Kindle and Nook for $2.99 (or the equivalent in other markets).  Do I say this

here to sell my book?  Sure.  But I say this also because this is a story that I felt I

had to write, even though I didn’t start out wanting to write it.


As for my friend and his struggle goes, maybe he’ll get lucky and only have to deal

with the “typical” hardships of marriage when the time comes.


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