Origins of the Art

Each day, I think of my Dad for a variety of reasons.  Working with heavy machinery was part of my current job and his work.  Sometimes I see people who wear a similar coat, cap, and glasses.  On some occasions, I see something I know he would really like (I suspect Interstellar would be a movie he would adore).

Along with his influence on my love of cartoons, Dad could draw, though he didn’t do it very often.

As a kid, I had a book called How To Draw Star Wars Places and Characters.  It had step-by-step methods of drawing a lot of the characters, along with a shading guide in the back.  All the instructions it had on smudging and cross-hatching were the first official instructions I ever had on the kinds of drawing I do now.

There was a time when my Dad knew how bad I wanted to draw the Death Star as shown in the book.  I tried and tried to make it work, never quite getting it.  Maybe this was one of the first examples of my determination coming about.  After I went to bed one night where I’d been struggling with the drawing.  Dad quietly swooped in and did it for me.  He wanted to make sure I had a drawing that I’d been working.

I wanted to say something simple and nice about my Dad.  Today marks three years since his sudden death.  I miss him, but I know he’s still with me, if only in memory.


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