It’s story time and it’s time I caught up with everyone.  Luckily, I can do both at once right now.

Today’s story is about courage.

I walked into a coffee shop I frequent looking to get something to drink and do a little typing.  After all, books still don’t write/edit/promote themselves.

Talking with the cashiers, I was asked if I was going to do a little writing.

“That’s the plan.”

“Best of luck with that,” one of the cashiers said.

The second cashier said, “That takes a lot of courage, sitting down to write every day.”  I wasn’t sure if he was messing with me in a playful way, or if he was being genuine at this point.  “I’d always get writer’s block if I tried to write.  Nothing would ever come out the way I’d want it to.”

He wasn’t messing with me, but giving a genuine compliment.  He also made a good point with his statement, which I thanked him for.

As writers, there are millions of things trying to stop us.  Things can always get chaotic at work.  Stories don’t always go the way we want.  The friends you hang out with might change after several years of comfort.  Parents pass away.  Medication stops working right.  The latest query gets rejected in a matter of minutes.

Only two of those are directly about writing, but all of them impact the ability to write.  Your state of mind is going to make you capable of writing or block you from it.  There is a point where stress becomes too much for anyone to handle.

If you’re writing, know that you are courageous.  You are committing yourself to doing something many people only dream of.  Most people don’t have the patience to write, but you are at least trying to break away from that.  Even your worst effort is gold, so keep at it.

Have the courage to go on.


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