Patreon: An Idea

A friend asked me months ago if I was on Patreon.  I looked into it and started to wonder if I should join.  After all, I’m artistic and having a patron of any sort would be wonderful.

I’ve seen how much a strong Patreon campaign can bring in.  One channel I watch on YouTube brings in thousands of dollars each month, just for making videos about a game they play.

So, here’s my thought.

Any sort of crowdfunding has to present rewards for patrons.  I can’t just give up a novel I’m showing to agents, nor can I rescind my ebook.  That leaves The Night Lands as the best reward.

As of late, I’ve been writing smaller tales that take place in my dark fantasy setting.  It’s the realm that gave me my honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest.  I hope it carries a larger tale hidden in its lore.

This is my plan.  I won’t put it into effect for a few months, but, this seems like it could be a way to drive my writing in the direction it needs to go.  I say this not just as an artist, but as someone who is trying to build a career.


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