To Live After Death

My Dad always said he wanted a “Cajun Funeral” when he died–a party full of laughter, food, and good memories, not a cloud of tears.  In all honesty, we did our best.

As writers, most of those who know us would not be able to attend such a gathering, no matter the mood.  Readers mourn in similar ways as friends and family, but without a way to directly show their appreciation and love.

With the recent passing of Terry Pratchett, I’d like to share what I do as a reader to mark the passing of an author of note.

In these sad events, since I have direct memories of so few writers, I have only one way to celebrate their life: I buy one of their books.

Simple?  Sure. But it makes them stronger.

As a writer sells more books, those books stay in society longer.  To buy a book, we add to the longevity of a writer’s legacy.  In a real sense, we give their ideas immortality.

Memories are personal and give a singular experience with life.  Only by strengthening a writer’s legacy can readers make the great thinkers live on.


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