Standardized Exploitation

The novel I’m showing to agents currently is Blanc Noir, which was born in part from seeing so many forms of exploitation in modern society.  While the main thrust of the story is an investigation, the setting thrives on taking advantage of the masses, usually to make an extra dollar or two.

What kind of writer would I be if I suddenly ignored situations of exploitation when they continue to spring up?  Finishing drafts of a novel doesn’t exempt me from noticing such things, especially when I will have to work on further drafts in the future.  In the interest of sharing what’s important to me, and possibly making you laugh, here’s a clip from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight:

School administrators sitting in posh offices while the athletes bringing in revenue starve; promising an education only to strip it away when an athlete gets injured; issuing penalties for someone giving a young man lunch–it all echoes of a nightmare government.  This is the sort of thing that makes me glad that the villain organization in my book is called the Chamber of Commerce.

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