Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe

Having now run a table at a convention, I can say that pursuing artistic employment is harder than I though it would be.  It’s tough because the only stories that matter are the ones available to purchase at that moment.  The only images that matter are the ones people can see without any prompting.

This is no different than usual.

I enjoyed my experience at Cape Comic Con.  I’m sure I’ll do it again, if all goes well.

Maiden of the Star Stairs

The next step, as there is always a next step, is to find a way to share my creativity with people on a regular basis.  I have more artistic ventures in mind.  I have more stories in mind as well.  If I could reach out and put this in everyone’s hands right now, I would.  But there must be a chance for refinement and greater focus.

For now, let your imaginations wander, just as I will let my imagination guide me.  Together, we will find the mysteries of the universe, and maybe answer a few of those mysteries.

Sounds vague, I know, but this is where ideas come from.  This is where I discover those things I will one day sell at conventions.


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