My First Con Experience

As I’ve mentioned before, I was at the 10th Cape Comic Con from April 17-19.  It was quite a show, even if I was behind a table most of the time.

Speaking of tables, here’s what my table set up looked like:

DSC00667I had my book cover poster to act as a landmark.  Copies of Vitamin F and Elegance available to buy.  I even supplied a few recent pieces as prints, which found a small audience of their own.

Let me be clear on one thing: Selling these things is not what going to a con is about.

For a writer, having a table at a con is about exposure.  There is an audience that needs to know about my writing and art.  There are also other professionals who are doing the same for their own works.  My job was to shake hands, make friends and let people know I’m writing and drawing things.

Some people aren’t going to have extra money on hand to buy something.  I had a lovely conversation with a gentleman who was in this sort of bind.  He wanted to buy, but had no funds set aside.  I gave him a card and carried on my part of the conversation.

Others had only a set amount of cash but lit up when they saw I could take their credit cards.  Having a Square reader made me an extra $100, since everyone who used a card spent more than they would have otherwise.  Some of these fine people wouldn’t have been able to purchase anything from me if I couldn’t take their cards.

Meeting people, not making money, was the best part of my con experience.  There was a couple wearing Joker makeup who had some interest in Vitamin F and in my art.  The conversation I had with them was wonderful, bringing a smile to my face.  My biggest regret with them is that we couldn’t talk longer, but my table is only one at a large and growing convention.

I’ll have more tales from the con in the days to come


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