Thinking About Rascal

At Cape Comic Con, I took a short period to look at some of the other vendors.  One of those was Here There Be Sculpture, which features many lovely dragons of different shapes, colors, and styles.

Of the dragons featured at the show, there was a little red guy I fell in love with and had to adopt.  I named him Rascal.

RascalI immediately imagined this little guy running alongside fantasy caravans and warding off monsters in the wild.  He might be small, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be strong and kind.

He reminded me of what I love about Toothless and Stitch.  But the only fantasy setting I have that uses dragons is The Night Lands, which is a ferocious and cruel place.  After a moment of consideration, I realized, such a mean place could use a little bit of cute and kind.  If nothing else, he could give people hope or reassurance.

So I’m working on a story with Rascal.  I think he’s great and full of potential.

Just for fun, Rascal’s official pictures from the Here There Be Sculpture gallery:


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