Cursed Marks

We take inspiration from many things as we create.  Star Wars has clear shades of DuneO Brother Where Art Thou is an alternate version of The Odyssey, just like the comic series Ody-C.

In the past couple of years, I’ve become a fan of Dark Souls and related games by Hidetaka Miyazaki. His games are filled with dark atmosphere and indirect storytelling.  Symbols and themes are the strongest elements in Souls games, among them is the Dark Sign.

This is a pretty nasty thing, having a mark on your back.  This thing isn’t just ugly, it keeps you from staying dead.  This doesn’t make you immortal, it make it where you come back from being dead.  You aren’t whole, you actually become more decayed and rotten as time passes.

Not staying dead doesn’t mean you remain intact.  Over time, your mind fades more than your body.

In every way, you collapse and break down.  The only difference is that with this mark on your back, you will never be given the release of death.  You will suffer and fade and rot–and it will never end.

Rough, right?

So I’m running with this thought on my own.  Soon, I’m going to start up a set of serials.  Each story will follow a different character dealing with their own series of conflicts.

I’m writing this serial for the Souls community, because I sense there is a hunger for fantasy stories about the meaning of life and humanity.  It’s easy to have guys with long beards or pointy ears clashing in medieval combat.  Using a realm of imagination and magic to answer something personal is much more rare, which is why I’m heading there.

More to come, but I promise the wait will not be long.


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