Why I Use DeviantArt

There’s a link on the sidebar of this blog, a simple label showing that I have a page on DeviantArt.  For years, I did little with it, not giving it much to grow from.  It was a place where some of my art chose to live, sometimes loved, sometimes forgotten.

In the past few years, my skills as an artist have increased on average.  I’m strongest with an F pencil, though I’m willing to play with pens and Photoshop when the need arises.

Red Sonja is my latest addition as of this writing, though I have a few more pieces ready to be added.  I won’t claim to be the greatest artist in the world, nor the fastest.  But I can draw and, after, years of people telling me this, I’m finally ready to admit that I’m pretty good.

My main reason for sharing this with you is simple: How many writers can say they can draw something to go with their stories?  Off the top of my head, I can only think of one, Clive Barker, and he’s a versatile creative force.  I suppose if I’m going to be like someone, there are worse people to follow.

Part of my sharing this is to let you in on my creative process.  I don’t always know what words to use in my descriptions, especially regarding odd-looking characters.  This is where drawing becomes quite useful.  I can draw a picture and craft a verbal description that I might have lacked before.  As with other parts of my creative endeavors, this is where “casting” the roles in my stories can become helpful.

This is a picture I drew several years ago, when I was still writing Vitamin F.  I wanted to draw a particular actress I’d cast in the role of the main antagonist, so I looked at a picture of her and made a few alterations to fit the description of Oriane from Vitamin F.  Many people enjoy this character and she introduced the subplot that made it possible for me to get enough momentum to write the book.

Now you have a little more idea why I put together Elegance.  I haven’t stopped drawing in the least, and I hope to have more images to share with you soon.  Between now and then, would anyone like to see a video showing how I draw?


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