Why You’ve Been Waiting

I’ve been working on a new dark fantasy project. I haven’t said a lot about it, since it was going to be a simple piece. Three sections, conflict between the POV of each, dark, sad, done.

Then I realized I had ideas past what I’d initially planned to write. Juicy, mysterious setting stuff. I wanted to write more.

I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew that wasn’t a problem. Dark Souls and Bloodborne don’t give you the answers, you have to go digging for them.

With the nature of digital prose, I knew I could release installments and slowly build something larger.

THE FANGED CIRCLE has cursed the populace. Those marked can die, but do not remain bound by death. Their bodies carry every wound as their minds fade and their senses dull.

Jacob is a knight searching for the Spring, a fabled fountain capable of washing the mark from his body. He has found himself dying near a toxic bog again and again. He can’t keep track of how many times he’s tried and died.

The knight’s latest trial to go onward is only the first installment of the serial tale of those cursed to survive in this world of freakish monsters and ominous landscapes. As they carry on, who will remove the curse of THE FANGED CIRCLE?

You’ll hear me talk about this more in the future. I just wanted to let you know what I’ve been planning.

And I’m only going to charge $1 for it.


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