Thank Your Network

You may have seen an actual picture of me. There’s one that I use a lot because it looks good, looks like me, and it features a smile.

LenBerryThat’s not a bad picture at all. It actually comes from a Patrick Rothfuss signing. No, the full picture doesn’t include Rothfuss, though I have a few that do.

What the full version of this picture doesn’t show are the two friends I went to that signing with. Jonathan and Rocky are two of the best friends I’ve ever had. They read much faster than I do, faster than anyone else I’ve ever met. As much as I’d like for these guys to give me feedback on my writing, their speed often keeps them from doing so. It’s the whole principle of driving fast over speed bumps, you barely notice them if you’re coasting over them.

The benefit of running with these guys is that they never give up on me. They don’t just say that to be supportive, they read what I write when I have something for sale. More importantly, they tell other people what I’m doing.

Dan has done everything he can to tell people what I’m doing. He’s looked at the bulk of my work and, if he would have used a red pen, the pages would have looked bloody when he was done with them.

No matter what they do, these friends have stood up for me, have pointed me at opportunities, and have read my work.

You’ve got friends out there who have done similar things for you. Thank them, you’ll feel great about it.

Jonathan Len Rocky


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