An Author’s Name

Five years ago, I went to a Dragon Con panel featuring David B. Coe. Upon introducing himself, mentioned that having a pseudonym wasn’t as bad as most writers might fear it could be. I was instantly curious about what he was referring to, since it had to be connected to an upcoming project.

Before another year had passed, The Thieftaker Chronicles had begun. The series is listed under the author D.B. Jackson, which is the pseudonym David uses for his historical urban fantasy. As I learned more about the first novel, Thieftaker, I kept thinking, “Wow, what a great idea for a story!” For me, that turned out to be a doorway to reading more books.

Why do I like David’s books? His writing is skilled, his characters are unique and vivid, his plots progress smoothly and with surprises.

I started reading The Thieftaker Chronicles because it was an interesting concept from an author I’d seen speak. I kept reading because they’re damn good books.

I’m picky with my books. If I start giving a book as a gift or tell people to read it, you can bet that I have a high opinion of the book. Two of my friends have been recommended the series, two more friends have been given the book as a gift.

What’s more fun is that one of those friends knew I wanted Spell Blind, the first book in David’s new series, The Case Files of Justis Fearsson. I’d glanced at the first few pages and suspected this would be a fantastic read.

And tomorrow, the fourth Thieftaker book, Dead Man’s Reach, will be released. No matter if it’s the last or just the last for now, I’m sure this will be a book full of excitement and thrills. It’s a conjurer investigating a mystery around the time of the Boston Massacre.

[Full disclosure: I consider David B. Coe a friend and I want his books to do well. This post is entirely my idea, not being prompted by any outside party.]


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