Over the weekend, I went on an adventure. Yes, I know many people go on adventures each weekend, but I don’t usually.

On Saturday, I checked out Penned Con in St. Louis. While there, I learned I was behind on a number of things, but ahead on others.

Let’s start with all the things I’ve stumbled on:

  • There are beta readers out there. I just haven’t found them. Turns out, strangers are willing to beta read.
  • Editors. I don’t have one. I need one–a developmental editor, that is.
  • Marketing. I actually got Rocky to give me feedback about something! I suck at marketing and I need to get better.

With that out of the way, how about a list of things I’ve done right:

  • Submissions. I’ve had my writing in print through a submissions process. I’m not saying this is the only/best way to go, but it is something that many of the writers at the convention didn’t have (most of the guest writers were self-published, a daunting enterprise to itself).
  • Quality. I don’t spit out a story over the weekend and put it on sale the next Tuesday. I don’t sell stories by virtue of having tons of stories available.
  • Improvement. I’m willing to do things to get my name out there more. That’s why I started a Pinterest account and I’ll be adding/using Tumblr in the near future. And I’m making a point to post to my blog more. You deserve to know more of what I’m doing, even if it’s just a lot of art.

Penned Con was a lot of fun. I met some fantastic people, especially Eric Asher and Laura Stapleton.

And, if you read this, you know more about me, even beyond the list of things in the picture.