My plan was to remind the world that The Fanged Circle: The Knight and The Witch are both available for free. Then I read about a number of Hugo Awards going to “No Award” this year.

This year, the Hugo Awards were hit hard by the Sad Puppies, resulting in several awards going to no one rather than a Puppies-approved entry.

My thought is simple, maybe extra simple from someone still trying to break into the industry:

Write Better Books.

Isn’t that what we’re always trying to do with our books?

You didn’t get nominated for an award? You got nominated but didn’t win? Write a better book.

A book winning a high-tier award should be memorable, right? It’s not a matter of choosing a particular demographic to celebrate. This is a case of whining about not getting your way instead of pushing yourself to new creative heights.

I don’t consider myself exempt. If I’m going to make something of myself, I have to write the strongest, most engaging stories I can write. Hopefully, all of you can do the same.