To celebrate my appearance at the ToyMan Show in St. Louis, I’m offering all three current entries in The Fanged Circle for FREE. Check the links below on September 27 or 28 to get your copies!

The Fanged Circle The Knight

The first installment, The Knight, follows a lone figure as he struggles to continue his desperate quest. Jacob must fight crazed warriors as much as the constant pain running through his body.

The Witch CoverIn the second entry, The Witch, Jacob’s ally Elissa confronts her role as a Sister of Light while trying to help others move closer to The Spring which will remove their curse. But her success presents a secret cost she hadn’t considered.

The Assassin coverThe Assassin features a murderous agent of the Dark as he executes those who threaten his master’s will. Is his purpose simply to kill or does something greater wait at the end of his path?

If you enjoy games like Dark Souls or you prefer something a bit more personal in your fantasy, these serial stories should be perfect for you. And if you like what you read, drop me a line here or leave a review on Amazon. I’d love to hear your thoughts.