I need to write. I need to edit. I need to plan another book. I need to learn more about marketing.

Instead, I read, I play X-Wing and HeroClix. I finally finished a single playthrough of Dark Souls.

This is the literary equivalent of–SQUIRREL!

Sure, I’ve done some things to make progress, but I’ve let the world pull me away from writing. That doesn’t help me in the least.

We all get distracted, and procrastination exists so the mind can focus. This is beyond procrastination, so I know it’s not good for me. I could tell because I’ve been working out less and I’m up to 320+ pounds. That’s got to change.

For my workout, I added another fifteen minutes to my bicycle and treadmill time; I also made sure to do two weight-based machines/stations instead of one. I’m also trying to do little bursts of cardio while I’m watching TV.

I’m drinking a little more water and cutting back on soda. (Want to lose a few pounds quick? Cut back on soda.) I’m eating breakfast, having some fruit mid-day, and having a solid supper.

That leaves writing. What do I do with you, my creative endeavors?

The only solution to not writing is to start writing. I’m hanging around the shutupandwrite subreddit and I signed up to try NaNoWriMo again. My local group of writers has just changed meeting times so we can actually meet instead of wonder if anyone can show up.

Maybe this time, the squirrel won’t be a distraction, but one of those famous Missouri rally squirrels.


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