Character Motivation and Party Politics

I consider myself an educated person. I’ve watched all of the Republican and Democratic Presidential Debates in the current election cycle. I do this because of a desire to make an informed decision, but also because one of the people in these debates will become the next President of the United States.

Yes, this will be a departure from my usual posts. Since I’ve been working on a story dealing with politics, leadership, and what people do to gain power, I think it’s worth exploring. There is another reason, which I’ll touch on at the end of this post

Before I begin, an overall note. I do not profess to speak for anyone except myself. I do not expect anyone to agree with me entirely on this post.

As I discuss the candidates, I want you to ask yourself one question. Take this as a writing exercise or a challenge to critically analyze politicians in search of higher office, but it’s important you do this. It’s important we all ask:

Why does this person want to be President?

Hillary Clinton. She’s been many things, enough that the list is common knowledge. Most people think poorly of her, the shrill bitch to Bill’s charming playboy. A good friend once said about Hillary, “She’ll do anything to get power.” After Saturday’s debate, I wonder if she’s running for the correct party.

Donald Trump. For the 15th season of The Apprentice, Trump has decided to change the formula and place himself in the apprentice role. Someone tell me I’m wrong.

Dr. Ben Carson. I have a few friends who are big fans of this neurosurgeon. With his stances on anti-vaccination (from a doctor, no less!) and the pyramids being grain depositories, I wonder if someone should strip him on his title. Most of that opinion comes from my science background.

Carly Fiorina. She had a great performance in the first few debates, even rising out of the “kid’s table debate.” Despite that, her claim to leadership is a bit of a disaster.

Mike Huckabee. My brother-in-law’s preferred choice. I think Huckabee is the embodiment of why church and state should be kept separate. He’s a abominable human being, which should be shocking since he’s a minister. Also, he thinks poor people should be sold into slavery.

Bernie Sanders. Sure, he acts like he should be played by Larry David on a comedy show. He does that because he’s angry that the ultra-super-duper rich get to do whatever they want. He’s not the candidate I wanted, but he’s the man with my support. Here’s a few of his positions, reported by PBS.

Marco Rubio. He’s got a few credit card issues, but he’s a lot more reasonable than some of his GOP brethren. Even if doesn’t get the nomination/win this time, he’ll be back again.

Rand Paul. Like him or hate him, when he says he’s going to filibuster, he doesn’t file a slip of paper and let procedure to his work, he stands up and talks. He’s an interesting guy.

Ted Cruz. He’s a nutbag. He was dumb enough to publicly debate Ellen Page about LGBT rights.

Martin O’Malley. Vanilla, but actually a Democrat (the others seeking the Democratic nomination aren’t). I think he’s going to end up someone’s (*coughBerniecough*) running mate. Here’s some stuff about what he thinks.

I know that’s not the whole list. (Sorry, Lindsey Graham.) I wanted to say a little on several of the candidates just to make you ask Why does this person want to be President?

In this cycle, I don’t think it’s just important to vote, but to vote in the state primaries. Looking at the options above, I think it’s important to say what you want from one of these parties. A failure to support your candidate in the next few months could easily lead to that candidate not being available next November.


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