Fun, I say. Fun.

Running a game tournament several days ago, I had a conversation with several players about what they were enjoying and not enjoying about the game. Over the past few months, a few players came in and shifted much of the mentality to serious tournament preparation.

Dispassionate intensity took over. Fun went away.


That conversation got me thinking: “How can things become more fun?

I know that seems ironic from me. I’m the writer with characters who are all inherently screwed.

Still, the point remains. “How can things become more fun?” I ask the full question again because of the impact it had on me. I wondered why I was playing games, why I was reading, what I wanted out of life.

While the stories we read, the shows we watch, the tales we tell may be littered with dark things, frightening elements, and all manner of emotional baggage, we keep taking part because it’s enjoyable. Because it’s fun.

Not all of us have the same thought process on what fun might be, but all of us look for it sooner or later.

Still, how can things become for fun?

I’m still seeking an answer to that one, especially on the writing front. But I meant to find an answer in some fashion.


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