On Criticism

For the past few years, I’ve given drawings out at Christmas. This year it was to save money, but usually it’s just something I want to do for a few members of my family.

The first time, I drew a picture of my Dad almost a year after his death. A year later, I drew Mom and Dad for my sister.

Changing things up, I decided to draw this picture of my nephews.


The older of my nephews takes one look at the drawing, picks out which one is supposed to be him and says, “That looks terrible!”

A few seconds later, my uncle jumps into the discussion and asks my nephew, “How old are you?”

“Seven,” my nephew says.

My uncle turns to me and says, “If your worst critic is a seven year old, I think you’re doing all right.”

With that in mind, go out and make art. Do it long enough and you too might have the chance for a seven year old and say your work is terrible–while everyone else around loves it.




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