Advertising, Round One

After seeing the success of my friends over at Kapuha Press, I decided to follow their lead and try setting up a small Facebook advertising campaign. I know it’s a risk, but it’s not the first time I’ve put money into my writing endeavor.

Len Test Cover copyTo start, I’m making this a really small, really short campaign. The goal is to get more Likes on my Facebook page.

I’m putting in $1 each day for thirty days. The first of these days is Feb. 1, 2016. That means I’m only spending $30 total on this. It also means that I’m willing to test how well I can spread the word on what I have available.

Of course, this means that I’ll have to share more links to my books in the hope that someone decides to purchase them. Any financial gains would help offset this ad buy, but, really, I’d just like to grow the audience.

What? Got a problem with me being honest?

You could always leave a comment on my Facebook page.


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