The Way Is Shut

Since the middle of September, one end of the road I live on has been closed. Not only that, it’s the main path to where I work, a majority of the shopping areas, and the closest interstate. To get anywhere, I have to go backward first.

Levee in West Memphis, AR

In many ways, it seems this is the way of life. Want to go forward? Too bad, you have to turn around.

It’s a disappointment, one that comes up more often than not. As a writer, years ago I suspected that I was getting close to a point where I would be traditionally published. I could feel it in my bones. I was wrong.

Last year, I set up at a convention, thinking it would be the start of me working solely as a writer, traveling and selling books. I didn’t make quite the sales over that convention that I thought I would.

Still, I write. Still, I pursue my goals.

Also, yesterday, the blocked end of my street opened up.


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