My good friend Michael Ignacio Jr. is a supportive guy. He often tells people, “Prayers and positive thoughts,” when he learns of significant, possibly stressful events. This is a mindset that is snugly placed within his writing as well. I’m working on an upcoming story for an anthology he’s putting together, which is nice since he’s good at motivating and reassuring other writers.


I mention Michael because it’s easy to find criticism in the modern world. Not all criticism is bad, but too often it lacks a constructive element, especially during online discussions. That’s why it’s so important to let others know when you like their work.

Or if you like seeing them. Or if you miss them and just want a hug.

Gratitude is the cornerstone of happiness. The more you share appreciation, the better you’ll feel.

In that spirit, I thank you for the few minutes you give me to read my thoughts. I thank you for the hours you may set aside to read my works. I thank you for the seconds you offer to study my art.


[Above art is from Michael’s book The Witch’s Theft, which is a fun fantasy story.]


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