Trudging Through The Nothing

In the past month, I’ve done a lot of work on a new short story, “The Mirror of Tila.” This is meant for a fantasy anthology focusing on villain characters. A bonus for me is that it features my dark fantasy setting, THE NIGHT LANDS.

I need 10,000 words. Currently, I have 7,500. The next part to write looks like this:

blank-pageAs you can see, there’s a problem. There are no words on those pages.

I’ve even done my trick of writing out of order. My villain (and featured character) Sorcha Kagatsu is so nasty in this story. She’s proven to me that she may be the most committed, most sinister, most unrelentingly widespread villain I’ve come up with. In the first ten paragraphs she kills a man after having sex with him, empowers herself with his death, and orders her servants to cure the man’s body (implied cannibalism). Naturally, she doesn’t stop there. This villain is so nasty, I’ve had to step away from the story once already.

With the exception of one scene, everything I have left to write centers around a scholar named Sori. She’s trying to find a mirror with historical significance. I just need to get her to the city with said mirror so==

Things happen in this city. Sorcha makes a major appearance at this point. Bridging that gap isn’t the easiest thing.


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