What To Do Between Projects (3/2016)

Last Monday, I finished compiling the first draft of “The Mirror of Tila.” With that done, I have no active project where I’m doing the initial writing.

As the saying goes: What to do, what to do?


Yes, I could do more editing, and I will. Still, I need to recharge my creative batteries while the opportunity is here. My main ways of doing this are:

  • Video Games – I’ve started playing Star Wars Battlefront and Bloodborne. My new PS4 is great for networking, talking to online friends, and gaming with others
  • Reading – I’ve blasted through several books since 2016 began. With my regular job having 12-hour shifts, I keep one book for work and another for the rest of the time.
  • Drawing – I miss making art sometimes. Recently, I drew something as a Christmas gift for each of my friends. This might have overloaded me for a few months, a period coming to a close.

That’s a sample of what I’m going to do for a few days. What are you going to do while you start editing?


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