Inspiration of India

A month ago, I had a dream that wouldn’t let me go. There were some interesting things in it, elements of Indian culture, a battle between digital players who had become gods. Ceremony, celebration, iconography.

Some of the women in this dream looked a little like this woman:

Beauty Indian girl with mehndi tattoos hold palms together. Bea

As I said, this dream wouldn’t let me go.

I invested in a copy of The Bhagavad Gita so I could understand more about Indian spirituality. I found myself wondering more about the nature of god and how people seek wisdom.

There’s a story growing here, somewhere in the depths of my mind. It’s going to be full of optimism, ideas, hope, and love.

But I’m not ready to write it just yet. I need to build a plot, solidify the characters, and sort out the exact questions I want to address in the story. Still, despite the struggle,  know I’ve got something here, a diamond in the rough. I simply have to carry on.

I have a title already: Souls of the Gods.


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