It’s Not Always The Best Time



Do both every day.

I see variations on that with a degree of frequency. When I have a chance, I do my very best to edit Tesseract, write “The Mirror Of Tila,” and try really hard to be good to everyone.

The town I live in is one of the most conservative placed in the United States. I am not a conservative. Still, I have many local friends. There’s a warmth in my heart knowing that I have a diverse group of people I care about. Both genders, several religious affiliations, no less than four races.

I’ve also been fired from jobs twice, once to satisfy a single man’s greed, once because a company didn’t care that I was too sick to drive a forklift safely. Also, I wrote this gem a few years ago.

I’m understanding of others, I try to find common ground. I prefer there to be balance to the world. I am very much a Progressive.

Here’s a roll of stickers that I keep in my laptop bag:


Bernie Sanders is the first politician I’ve ever donated to. He’s also the first politician I’ve ever campaigned for. It was close to a year ago when I started meeting with others who share my mindset.

I was a fan of Barack Obama before being a fan of Obama was cool. I listened to Obama’s 2004 Democratic Convention Keynote address and thought, “This guy just explained how I feel about the country.”

Now, twelve years later, Obama has endorsed Hillary Clinton, essentially to sway everyone to her side.

I started this piece talking about writing, but I had to mention that bit of politics to show you my mindset.

For some time, I’ve been working on a future noir novel, Blanc Noir. It was born from several satirical notions–more in the direction of Swift than Colbert. After I was up for a few hours, I considered rewriting one of the villains, a corporate person who is in charge of social bio-stability for his “elevated race.” My plan was to rewrite the story where this villain would be a woman whose first name was Hillary.

After telling this idea to a friend, I mentioned how I was glad that I wasn’t editing Blanc Noir at the moment. If I had been, I may have shifted the story because of a sense of personal frustration, not from the perspective of what best serves the story.

I say this not to debate why someone should or shouldn’t vote for a corporate lackey. I say this because there are times when emotion is good for improving story. For me, today is not that day.

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