Don’t Be A Dick

This is Barnes & Noble in Cape Girardeau, MO. The store where I worked for six and a half years, the store where I write Vitamin F by hand when things were slow, and the store where I am sitting as I type this.

2272From that introduction, you know how things start and how they end with this little tale. Pay attention to the details in the middle, they’re important.

As I said, this is where I worked for a long time. Several people still identify me as “the guy from Barnes & Noble.” I had a full-time position counting every cent that the store took in each day.

A weasel was given title of store manager–I don’t want to think his name today or any day. He acted like everything was fine.

Within eight months, he give half of my specific job to another person and acted like it was my idea.

Within two years, he almost had everyone in the cafe quit at once because he passed over the person running the cafe to hand control to someone who hadn’t worked in that department in ages (if ever).

The weasel rewarded workers who sold memberships and punished workers who increased revenue through other means, especially if they didn’t sell a membership.

He cast aside skilled department leads because he could. He fired the workhorse of the sales team to give himself a better chance for an annual raise.

Then he lied about why those people were gone.

As said workhorse, I made a point not to walk into that store, well, ever. Why would I want to support the weasel who sent me to the unemployment line? How could I stop myself from giving him the beating he rightly deserved?

I stayed away. Time passed.

Claiming Christianity, as he did with most of his insidious choices, the weasel left the store and entered the ministry.

Once the coast was clear, I did go into that Barnes & Noble again. I still have friends who go through there, some staff, some not.

Just a few minutes ago, I saw one of the sweetest people I ever helped while I worked at the bookstore. She and her daughter was quite happy to see me. I even got a hug and was told, “I miss you.”

My advice for anyone, everyone, don’t be a dick. Especially if you’re kind, people will remember you fondly. If you’re a dick, people will plot out how to knock you out if they lay eyes on you again.

Be nice to people. It’s not hard at all.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Dick

  1. Some managers want to reduce experience because this allows them to save on the higher hourly wages and force new employees to learn from them, instead of veteran workers that know what is really going on. They will get mad at you for making a choice and steal the spot light if the choice was good. Look at the stores that closed locally, most are from bad management. A lot of managers will have some type a severance package so it is just easier for corporations to wait out the contract than to try to get rid of the person.

    1. I agree. When the weasel was forced to hire new workers, he always classified them as temp workers so he could fire them in bulk without any direct interaction and so he could pay them less than minimum wage.

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