Be Nice To Your Ex

I have two ex-girlfriends. I’m on friendly terms with both of them.

After an exciting round of Dark Souls 3, I was about to shut off the game for the night. I’d drawn plenty of enjoyment out of it, including one incredible accomplishment.

hedibpwYes, I finally got over a million souls in a Souls game. That’s 1094431 unspent souls that I could lose the moment my character dies. Also, my character looks like Guts from Berserk.

After uploading this picture, I logged out of the game, then noticed the latest addition to my PlayStation friends list–a coworker who’d told me about an insanely powerful way to build a character early in the game.

I decided to try out building that character. I also decided to give Twitch streaming another shot.

The result was almost an hour and a half of pyromancy fun, even if my character died A LOT. At the end, I’d made it past the tutorial, blasted through much of the first level, and was in a good position to finish setting everything else up the next time I stream.

Care to take a look?

When I got up, I found that Andrea, one of those ex-girlfriends I’d mentioned, had watched a few minutes of the stream. This led to a conversation about Twitch and the best expert she knew about the service, her current boyfriend. Also, they had just finished a weekend at Twitchcon. I think they know what they’re talking about.

Soon I’m going to play around with Twitch a little more. I should get my camera lined up in the near future as well. When that happens, I’ll have more audio/video fun heading your way.

The likelihood of that all happening would be much lower if I wasn’t friends with my ex-girlfriends. I get to chat with some cool people because of that.

For now, I’m going to set up telling a dark fantasy tale.


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