Descending Into Dark Fantasy

Yes, it’s that time again, the time when I start playing with dark fantasy stories. I’m doing this on a few fronts this time.


First is this particular lady, Dark Princess Iryatha. She’s been the most featured character from my Dark Souls 3 Twitch stream, though I’m planning on ways to broaden the programming there.

Second is what I’m currently writing. This project is called Scars of Shadow. My plan is for it to become a monthly serial which will eventually compile into a single self-published title. It’s a new story, but connected to the setting of The Fanged Circle shorts that I released a year ago.

Finally, this goes back to my Twitch stream a little, but I’m planning an event featuring me playing more of Bloodborne. A Halloween Hunt is going to be a three-hour play and chat event on the night of October 30. I even set up a Facebook event page just for this–something I’ve never done before.

Hopefully, you’ll click some of my links and join me for some video game fun. This isn’t just me playing around. Scars of Shadow already has a few characters discussing Dark Princess Iryatha. Instant multimedia!


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