I’m Talking Politics (And You Should Too)

Yes, we are all tired of this awful election season. We have all seen some of the worst mud-slinging that’s come about in–possibly–generations. So, God in Heaven, why would I want to talk more about politics?


Some of you might not care for Bernie Sanders. If you’ve followed me much on social media in the past 18 months, you may have seen that I’ve done more to promote this man than any other elected official. I know a few politicians and I’ve worked more for Bernie. I was an early fan of Barack Obama, yet I’ve done much more for Bernie.

As a writer, it’s my job to have passions and beliefs. That’s what fuels the themes of my stories. Let’s check out another quote, this one from Frank Herbert, author of Dune.


Dune may rank as one of the most political books ever written, even though most people may see it as a mash-up of Star Wars and Game of Thrones. (Dune predates both of these.) The themes Herbert addresses are at times simple–a need to understand and respect ecology–and just as often complex–the plots against the Atreides, Paul and Jessica exploiting local religions for personal gain. One could read Dune and see a lengthy commentary on the state of modern society, quite a feat for a book written in 1965.

If there are things we believe in, we owe it to ourselves to share those beliefs.

I believe a democratic socialist would be an honest voice to fight the endemic corruption of a two-party system. I have a friend who believes dead people are conspiring to vote against his values. At least one candidate believes that gun enthusiasm is a substitute for having an actual policy stance.

We can believe as we so choose. And we can share those ideologies. After all, silence is often regarded as acceptance.

What we shouldn’t do is resort to antagonism just because we do not agree on a particular point. Debate is fine, but discussion is better. Protesting is part of a society of free speech; being beaten for it is not.

With that, I implore you to discuss your feelings, share them with others–especially if they don’t fully agree. When you do, realize that they are not always wrong and you are far from automatically right. Follow the sit-in style of Bernie Sanders, not the duplicitous intent of the Baron Harkonnen.


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