The Itch I Keep Scratching

Having mentioned a Patreon campaign several times, you would think I would have such a thing in place by now.


What I’ve decided to do is make use of the next serial I’m planning. Next serial? you may ask.

Yes. I’m going to do another serial, again using the setting of The Fanged Circle. While those installments were all one-and-done for the most part, this new project won’t be so dispensable. This time, I’m hoping to do a twelve-part story called Scars of Shadow. There will be a central protagonist, a set of threats and allies, and a clear story beginning to end.

And it will still fit with the installments I’ve previously released. Only this time, it’s not going to be Amazon exclusive. I missed the boat on getting an effective boost from that program.

Before the witch Sarena goes on her quest in a larger library, I’m going to give all of you a chance to get in on the action. A month before I launch an installment into the world as a whole, I’ll make it available for Patreon backers. Backer benefits will be easy to reach, though I’ll offer a few more perks for those who contribute more.

I’m going to set my Patreon to charge by the project–a single serial chapter/episode. That means if I get behind on these releases, you don’t get charged.

For now, I’m not posting a link. I want things to be set up right before I release. My hope is to have a window for the first backers to join and get the first installment, then release the installment on a wide scale as I shift to installment two for everyone on Patreon.

Again, a work in progress.


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