A Discarded Pistol

Steampunk is a subgenre I fell into. I started writing in it because I saw an opportunity and decided to challenge myself. I ended up with two published short stories because of it. I was invited to submit a third.

discarded-pistolThat third story, “To Forgive Or Forget,” was also the third in a sequence of tales featuring Texan gunsmith and pistoleer Harrison Beaumont. He’d set up shop in Marseille just in time for an old business partner to show up and ruin everything.

Those who have read the story thought it was good. My intent was for it to appear in the same series of anthologies the previous stories had been printed in. A variety of delays appeared, most of which I don’t know in detail. It doesn’t matter.

Enough delays happened to stop the project, cancelling it entirely. I may have spent years waiting, to get this particular story out, but it didn’t matter. “To Forgive Or Forget” was suddenly homeless.

That’s not deterring me. I think there’s enough interest–“Len, when’s your next steampunk story coming out?” has become a common question–I’m going to see about finding it a new home.

I figured out a long-term plot for these stories. There’s no reason why one project should stop those plans.


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