Exclusivity and Submission

After reading this column from USA Today, I felt I needed to speak about exclusivity for a moment.

It started with books, then home videos and toys, then it moved on to Doctor Who reruns.

It started with Muppets, then Marvel, then it moved on to Star Wars.

Exclusive outlets are eating the world.

amazon-logoAs more media outlets consolidate, becoming massive, singular corporate entities, where does creativity go? Does innovation continue to live, even if it may discover things contrary to the parent company’s interest?

Bookstore chains have fallen like grains in the sand. Pop culture retailers have been squashed to sell off their components Is our society richer for letting these things happen or poorer for the loss?

Personally, I don’t mind convenient outlets and greater access allowed by social media and websites. What I do mind is having to give something up to have this. What I mind is surrendering the right to disagree, the right for competitors in the marketplace.

I imagine a world where I look at a billboard, but my subconscious sees this:


Hesitate to let all your purchases and culture siphon through a single source. Be willing to stand for something. Appreciate the little things. Remember that the easiest path is often the path with the least reward.

Simply pause and consider. Don’t let convenience numb you to the world.


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